Sony updates Walkman line with waterproof model

Sony still trusts in the success of the Walkman brand and announced at CES another device in the line. The new model is so small that it looks just like a headset. In addition, the NWZ-W270 works even underwater.

Aimed at athletes, the device can work in rain and in contact with sweat. Buttons built into the device provide basic functions such as fast forward, rewind, pause, play and adjust the volume. It is worth mentioning that the W270 has no screen.

The Walkman’s memory is 4 GB and its battery can hold up to eight hours of uninterrupted audio playback, according to Sony. When without power, it can be recharged for three minutes to resist for another hour of sound, according to the manufacturer.

The device, which reads MP3 files, is expected to hit stores in February. The first markets will be North American and British. The price was not disclosed.

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