Sony disagrees with Apple’s ‘iRadio’ terms

One of the most important pieces in the game of chess that Apple promotes to launch its music streaming service is holding the entire game. A report published by the Financial Times informs that Sony Music did not want to facilitate negotiations on the supposed “iRadio”.

The record company would not be satisfied with the terms presented by Apple, so it wants more profitable concessions, as reported by Apple Insider.

This is a big problem for the apple company. Although it has already closed a deal with Universal Music and – it is said – is close to making a deal with Warner Music, losing Sony would be disastrous, as it is the second largest company among the major labels.

At first, no one was happy with Apple’s proposal, which wanted to pay record companies $ 0.065 for every 100 music tracks played, equivalent to half of what Pandora offered. The company then increased the offer to $ 0.125 for 100 songs, but it is unclear who accepted.

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