Samsung’s 4K TV goes on pre-order for $ 38,000

Samsung’s ultra HD TV pre-sale has already started, with the so-called 4K resolution. The 85-inch device, presented at CES last week, can be found in Korea for 40,000 won – or no less than $ 37,877.

Sony also has a model of this size, but it costs $ 25,000. And the company announced this year that it intends to popularize 4K with the launch of smaller TVs (learn more).

Despite the high prices, the Engadget says that these devices have been doing well on both Sony and LG. Samsung only promises more TV sizes by the end of the year, and they will be even more expensive: one will be 95 “and the other, 110”.

Even if they have more affordable prices, these devices face a very basic problem: the lack of content. Therefore, part of Sony’s strategy to popularize 4K is to adapt films. A similar initiative appeared in Europe, which has just launched an exclusive channel for those who have 4K TV (learn more).

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