Samsung spends Apple on mobile advertising spend

Samsung beats all competitors in the mobile industry when it comes to advertising, whether it is done on TV, internet, print media or street formats.

This was not true before 2012, when the Korean increased its investment in advertising to US $ 401 million, compared to US $ 78 million in 2011. It was the most vertiginous growth, according to a Kantar Media survey released by Wall Street Journal, and takes into account only the North American market.

Apple, which has made a name for itself over the years with iconic advertising and slogans, came in second, with $ 333 million versus $ 253 million in 2011.

Although it has greatly reduced investment, HTC comes next with $ 46 million, compared with $ 124 million in the previous year. Then there are BlackBerry (35 million in 2012, 39 million in 2011) and Nokia (US $ 13 million in 2012 and US $ 21 million in 2011).


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