Samsung may develop flexible screen TV

Samsung patented this Thursday, 9, a technology that indicates that it may produce televisions with flexible screens. In South Korea, however, the patent was filed a year ago.

According to the patent description, users will be able to control the inclination and angle of the curvature of the screen using a remote control. In addition to being able to “deform” the screen, the project also has a rotating base to increase viewing options.

According to the document, it will also be possible to adjust the image so that it is not distorted on the television, also by means of the remote control, which will work with bluetooth or infrared connection.

The company has been showing its flexible OLED screens for some time, since CES, earlier this year. However, it was expected that the technology would be aimed at smartphones, since there was still no talk about deploying the feature also on televisions.

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