Portuguese media demands Google money for indexed content

Experiencing a financial crisis, the Portuguese media decided to follow the global trend of pointing the finger of Google so that the search engine stops indexing its news without offering any kind of compensation.

Alberico Fernandes, head of the Portuguese Media Confederation of Social Communications, Google was not open to meeting this requirement at first, but they agreed to proceed with the negotiations.

“Google showed readiness to collaborate with media groups to help us modernize and make our content more profitable,” said Fernandes Reuters. The companies want to receive for the use of texts and fragments used in Google News, as already happens in France.

The whole problem involves the advertising revenue that Google receives for indexing content created by other sites. The media companies claim that the American company receives money from the work of others without remunerating them for it; in contrast, Google says that showing the news in its results generates more traffic for the sites, which creates advertising income for the pages.

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