Origin flaw exposes users to malware

It is not being an easy month for Electronic Arts, with changing CEOs and problems with SimCity servers. This time, a serious security flaw was found in Origin, the company’s digital game distribution platform.

With the problem, hackers could manipulate the victim’s computer and install malware secretly. The vulnerability was presented on the stage of the Black Hat Europe Conference, when hackers Donato Ferrante and Luigi Aurienma, from the company ReVuln, started to control a PC with Origin and the game Crysis 3 installed.

The ‘trick’ happens quickly and takes place in the way Origin starts games. Instead of opening the desired game, hackers are able to include a malicious link that helps them to dominate the computer and can affect both the PC and the Mac.

According to the two hackers, they found no evidence that the flaw had already been exploited. They argue that a preventive solution would be to prevent Origin from running games with shortcuts on the desktop.

Electronic Arts says it is already studying the flaw and a possible fix.

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