North Korea releases internet for foreigners

Last month, Eric Schmidt, president of Google, visited North Korea to try to negotiate aspects regarding local internet freedom. It seems to have worked.

The North Korean government announced on Friday, 22, that it will now allow foreigners to use mobile internet while in the country.

Koryolink, a wireless internet provider, has already announced that it will launch the 3G network on March 1. Foreigners will be able to use their own devices connected via a Koryolink chip. Visitors only recently started using cell phones in the country. Before, their devices were confiscated by agents.

Schmidt went to talk with Kim Jong-Un, governor of the country, on a private trip, since the US has no diplomatic relations with Korea Note.

Despite being known for its isolation on the Internet thanks to strong censorship, Korea seems more willing to work with new technologies under the Kim Jong-Un government.

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