News Corp threatens to take Fox off the air in the U.S. because of a startup

News Corp will transform Fox, which in the United States is an open channel, into one that you will need to pay to watch if the country’s Justice does not find a way to get the Aero startup out of operation.

The group’s chief operating officer, Chase Carey, said today that while not ideal, the decision was made to protect the investments made by News Corp to keep Fox’s programming attractive.

Aero’s system retransmits open channels using the internet and allows subscribers to record the program, which has been troubling groups like News Corp, CBS, Walt Disney (owner of ABC) and Comcast (NBC).

Last week, an American court rejected these companies’ request to shut down Aero, so Carey said Fox would close the case so that attractions like The Simpsons stop being “stolen” by the startup. “We need to be able to be well compensated for our content,” he said, as reported by Bloomberg.

The networks sued Aero in March of last year alleging that the company infringed copyright by capturing the signal through small antennas and passing it on the web. In a statement sent to Bloomberg, an Aero spokeswoman said it was “disappointing” for Fox to believe that consumers cannot use an antenna to access the TV’s open signal.

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