Netflix closes partnership with Warner Bros

Netflix continues to increase its number of partners in search of more content. This time, the streaming service for audiovisual material announced that it will show Warner Bros. programs.

It will be possible to watch both old series of the producer and only those that are on display. The time difference for a TV episode to go to Netflix will be around two months, according to the The Wall Street Journal.

New shows like Revolution, Longmire, Political Animals and 666 Park Avenue have already been confirmed. Among the older series will be titles like Chuck, Fringe and The West Wing.

The news was announced only for the USA and nothing has been commented yet about Brazil.


In the past month, Netflix has acquired exclusive rights in the U.S. to stream Disney movies. The deal was made in the middle of a competition with pay TV channels such as HBO and Showtime.

Movies can be watched on the video streaming service approximately seven months after they are shown in theaters.

The contract, signed last Tuesday, 4, has a three-year term and will be effective from 2016.

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