Myspace is accused of using music without permission

Myspace has barely resurfaced and is already facing controversy due to its content. That’s because the site, which focuses on the relationship between musicians and the public, would be hosting songs from more than 100 small labels without authorization.

The charge was brought by Charles Caldas, CEO of Merlin, a group that makes digital deals for companies like Beggars Group, Domino and Merge – three of the largest independent record labels in the world.

In an interview with New York Times, Caldas declared that there was a contract between Merlin and Myspace, but it has expired for more than a year. And yet your customers’ songs are still on the site.

“While it is nice to see that Mr. Timberlake is launching his service on this platform and acting as an advocate, on the other hand, his artist peers are being exploited without permission and are not being paid for it,” said the executive, referring to the the fact that Justin Timberlake, who owns a minority stake in Myspace, was an active part in relaunching the site.

In response, a spokeswoman for the social network said they did not really want to renew with Merlin and that if the songs are available, it is because users have uploaded them. According to Neda Azarfar, just ask the label and your work will be removed from the platform.

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