Microsoft’s future TV has 120 inches

Microsoft does not make televisions, but that did not stop the company from developing a prototype within its ‘future technologies’ center, located in Seattle (United States).

The 120-inch 4K (ultra HD) TV model, which is expected to take the title of the world’s largest television, is being used to illustrate to people what they will find in five or ten years in most homes.

The television, which they call “widescreen television”, equipped with Kinect and offers a “complete narrative experience”, according to Pocket-Lint.

For those who got excited, a warning: Microsoft has made it clear that it does not intend to manufacture super TVs for now. The aim of the show was to find partners for possible futuristic technology projects.

Would you buy a Microsoft TV? Do you think it could compete with Samsung and LG in this segment? Leave your opinion.

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