Microsoft is more ‘cool’, according to research

A survey by Reuters / Ipsos found that Microsoft is more ‘cool’ than it used to be.

The software maker, often criticized for not inventing products that captivate the new generation of social media and fans of mobile devices, managed to defeat Facebook in the search. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network got just 42% of the vote, while Twitter got 47% and Microsoft 50%.

The resumption of Microsoft stemming from a strong marketing campaign around its Surface tablet and the new Windows 8 operating system – products that renewed the company’s fleet. The Xbox console and the Kinect motion sensor accessory have also contributed to the company’s success.

Art student Josh Johnson, 24, said Microsoft’s new products are “more customizable and not as rigid as Apple’s.”

“At Apple you have to buy everything from the same brand. If you want a ringtone, you have to buy it on iTunes,” he criticized. “If Microsoft continues to launch new technologies, I am sure it will be back soon,” he concluded.

Apple also did well in the search. About 60% of respondents said that the company is more ‘cool’ now than before. However, Google’s Android got even more votes: 70% of young people find the operating system ‘cool’.

Reuters / Ipsos interviewed 4,800 people between February 5 and 19, 2013.

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