Meet the billionaire who can make pay TV cheaper in Brazil

DishTV is arriving in Brazil with a promise to shake the pay TV market. Behind this American company is the controversial billionaire Charles Ergen, founder, ex-CEO and currently chairman of the company. He ranks 100th in the Forbes ranking of the richest men in the world and has been considered one of the most cruel chiefs in the United States.

It is speculated that the arrival of the operator will reduce pay TV packages by up to 30%. Currently, the market is mainly dominated by Sky and Net, which together have around 70% of subscribers; the most basic plans of these companies vary between R $ 50 and R $ 150.

Ergen has an estimated net worth of $ 9 billion. The great source of all this money is EchoStar, a company he founded in 1980, along with his wife Candy and his friend Jim DeFranco, who are still members of the company’s board. The company gave birth to Dish Network in 1996. The two were directly linked until 2008, when they separated. EchoStar now takes care of technology and satellites, while Dish takes over the pay-TV business.

At the beginning of EchoStar, Charles Ergen himself went door to door selling satellite dishes in the state of Colorado, USA. He is currently chairman of the two companies he founded. But if you think that your simple origin could soften your heart with the employees of your companies, you are mistaken., a kind of social network where people can complain about their jobs, shows that the company is one of the worst places to work in the United States. Dish has the record for complaints on the page and more than 300 negative reviews. The company has, on average, a score of 2.2 out of a maximum of 5 and, in the evaluations, employees mainly mention long working hours and forced overtime.

This criterion was taken into account by the website 24/7 Wall St., whichplaced the company as the worst to work for in the whole country. As a result, Ergen, a major shareholder and is largely responsible for the company, named as the worst boss in the United States.

Charles Ergen does not allow his employees to work from home. He also has a reputation for not accepting that his employees are not even a bit late, even if they spent the night working on a house project. In the past, entry to the building was done with badges, but some people took advantage of the system to pass the badge on to colleagues. Upon learning of this, the former CEO of Dish switched the system for identification by fingerprint; when arriving late, the company’s HR receives an e-mail and passes it on to the person’s boss; Sometimes the message reaches Ergen himself, reports theBloomberg Businessweek.

According to the publication, which had contact with former employees, the chairman also does not offer corporate credit cards to his employees. In addition, for many years, if an employee offered more than 15% tip on a meal with company resources, the extra amount was directly deducted from their salary, even if the difference was cents.

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