Marta Suplicy says voucher can be spent on pay TV

The Minister of Culture, Marta Suplicy, said on Tuesday, 26, that the cultural voucher (benefit given by companies for consumption of cultural activities) can be spent on pay TV.

In an interview with the newspaper The globe, Marta stated that “there is no doubt that this benefit can only be used in mainly cultural establishments. So, it will work in cinemas, theaters, concert halls, museums, bookstores, for the purchase of magazines and periodicals and for the subscription of cable TV ”.

The decree that regulates the valley must be signed today by President Dilma Roussef, with the forecast to come into force by July. Workers who receive up to five minimum wages throughout the national territory will be entitled to the bonus. The benefit is optional for companies and works as a kind of food and transport voucher.

The first version of the document must be generic and comprehensive. The operational detailing will take place in the following months, but this is the first time that the use of funds for cable TV subscription is commented on.

O site Vale-Cultura official informs that the worker will receive a ‘magnetic card complementary to the salary’ and that, with it, it will be possible to enter theaters, cinemas and buy books, CDs and other cultural products.

If the inclusion of pay TV among the activities is confirmed, the sector should experience a high customer base. The operators Sky and Net, for example, offer packages with values ​​starting at R $ 40.

A survey carried out by the Federal Government estimates that 18.8 million workers will be able to receive the culture voucher, which will inject R $ 11.3 billion into the production chain.

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