Marta Suplicy is mocked in a game against the absence of games in Vale-Cultura

Culture minister Marta Suplicy’s claim that electronic games are not just a form of culture has had a bad impact. The result was so negative that now there is a game that criticizes the position adopted by the minister.

The protest was produced by Napalm Studio and Kiko Ferraz Studio and led by Acigames (Associação Comercial Industrial e Cultural dos Videogames). They complain about the absence of games among the items covered by Vale-Cultura, aid of up to R $ 50 for the worker who receives up to five minimum wages.

With the benefit, you can buy magazines, movies, carnival costumes and subscribe to cable TV.

In “Jogo da Martinha”, the player needs to throw video game controls towards a target with the word “Cultura” while a funk rolls in the background, asking “What’s up, Martinha?”. However, the ‘vile’ of the game is the minister, who keeps moving around the screen to prevent the goal of the player to make the games recognized as culture.

To play, click here. After the end of time, the player is encouraged to publicize his results on social networks with the hashtag #queissomartinha.

The forecast is that Vale-Cultura will get off the ground in June this year.

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