Mark Zuckerberg celebrates his birthday: see 10 fun facts about him

Mark Zuckerberg turns 29 this Tuesday, 14. The co-founder and CEO of the social network has become one of the most famous young entrepreneurs in the world since the creation of the social network, and with this, many facts about his life have been exposed by the media. O Digital Look separated 10 Zuckerberg curiosities that deserve attention, check it out!

1 – Mandarin

In 2010, Zuckerberg’s personal challenge was to learn Mandarin. He told the press that he always liked Chinese culture and believed that he could learn a little more about the country by learning the official language. He currently speaks the Chinese language fluently.


2 – Out of fashion

In 2011, despite being on the cover of Time magazine as the ‘man of the year’, Facebook’s CEO was also voted one of the ’10 most underdressed men in the world ‘. Esquire magazine made fun of its style consisting of stripped T-shirts, paper bags / slippers and jeans. The billionaire, however, was behind Robert Pattinson, known for his performance in Twilight, and Russell Brand, an actor and comedian, married to singer Katy Perry.

3 – Sharp fall

Last year, after Facebook’s IPO failed, Zuckerberg dropped 22 points on the Forbes list of America’s richest men. At the time, the fall was considered the largest ever seen. The young entrepreneur even lost $ 8.1 billion of his fortune.

4 – Chief of the year

In early 2013, the Facebook CEO obtained 99% satisfaction in a Glassdor business survey. The social network employees themselves voted and elected Zuckerberg to be the coolest boss in the technology market. Behind him are Bill MacDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe, both from SAP, in second and third place in the ranking.

5 – Million dollar donations

In 2010, the businessman promised to donate more than half of his assets to charity during his life or after his death. Since then, he has offered about $ 100 million to Newark Public Schools, a public school community serving the entire city of Newark, New Jersey, and $ 498 million Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which helps people in So Francisco , where is the Silcio Valley. As a result, Zuckerberg was elected by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, one of the most engaged entrepreneurs in the world.

6 – Eccentric diet

In 2011, Facebook’s co-founder revealed that he only ate meat from animals he raised and killed himself. In order to follow the unusual diet, Zuckerberg had to learn about sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry. The initial mentor in this challenge was the famous Silicon Valley chef, Jesse Cool. She lives in Palo Alto, Calif., And owns a local restaurant. Jesse introduced Mark to the nearby farmers and taught him how to kill the animals.

7 – HQ character

In December 2010, a Canadian production company specializing in Comic Books created a 48-page comic book with Zuckerberg’s story. The edition’s proposal was to answer the question: “Who is the real Mark Zuckerberg?” HQ can be purchased from Amazon for around $ 10 (see on here)


8 – Teacher

In addition to being a businessman, Mark Zuckerberg is also a teacher. In an interview Wired, Facebook’s co-founder claimed to teach at a secondary school in Menlo Park, So Francisco (United States). He teaches students to open a business and every Tuesday he talks about a different proficiency. Each group works on side projects and can present their ideas to the employees of the social network, as if they were actually selling a product.

9 – Political front

Zuckerberg has invested money and time in creating a group that will work to loosen immigration policies in the United States. According to the website PoliticalBoth the young entrepreneur and other big names in technology face problems because of their country’s immigration policies, since much of the local intelligence is actually imported. The group’s objective, therefore, is to attract and develop a highly qualified workforce – which is generally in other countries.

10 – Fast jump

In May, for the first time in history, Facebook appeared among the most powerful companies in the country in a ranking published annually since 1955 by Fortune magazine. The achievement represents a record. The fastest company in history to enter the list after going public (excluding companies that have been merged). It took Mark Zuckerberg just eight months to complete the feat, half the time required by Google, now a former record holder.

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