Kim Dotcom to launch movie service

Mega was not the only news announced by Kim Dotcom last Saturday. Between one tweet and another, during the launch of his file storage service, the German businessman hinted at what his audience can expect soon: Megamovie, a movie service.

The announcement was made through a screenshot posted on the social network, entitled to a nudge by the MPAA, an American organization that defends the interests of the six main Hollywood studios and that played a decisive role in closing Megaupload.

“Check this out, MPAA! Let’s talk,” said Dotcom on Twitter, attaching to the tweet an image of his website development, visible below (click to view full size).


Although Kim Dotcom did not disclose any type of forecast for launching the service, or how it will work, but it is a courageous business expansion strategy. Once seen as a ‘king of piracy’, he now tries to enter the front door in the media area, facing those who tried to put him in prison at the beginning of last year.

But, if it is not yet known when Megamovie will air, it is already known that the German millionaire intends to also invade the music market “in the coming months”, without, however, setting a date. He has already announced that Megabox, a platform for music playback and downloads, is on its way.

In this case, there are already some details about how the service works, created to be free, but which will have two different plans. The user who prefers, can pay a monthly fee, but whoever wants to use it for free will need to install a program on their computer called Megakey. And therein lies the problem.

The software is an ad-blocker. This means that when you enter a page with it installed, you will not see ads on the site. However, instead of simply not showing them, the app replaces advertising with advertising that generates income for Megabox, to pay artists. This business model could create problems for Dotcom, as sites may feel hurt when they see their main source of revenue being directed to another service.

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