Justice refuses to hear woman fined $ 222,000 for downloading 24 songs

The United States Supreme Court refused to hear appeals from Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who was ordered to pay $ 222,000 for downloading 24 songs illegally through Kazaa.

She was the first person to fight back against a massive lawsuit filed in the 2000s by RIAA (an association that brings together Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI).

In August 2005, Jammie, like thousands of Americans, received a letter warning of the case, only in 2007 she decided to hit the head. Only she and another person took this attitude, student Joel Tenenbaum.

After six years of trial, going through three different verdicts (US $ 1.5 million, US $ 1.92 million and US $ 222 thousand), she expected to be heard by the Supreme Court to say that the conviction would be unconstitutional, which It happened.

It is the third time that the Court has refused to analyze a case against the RIAA, one of the other two being that of Tenenbaum, ordered to pay $ 675,000 for sharing 30 songs.

In an interview with Wired, Jammie said he had no way to pay that amount. “If they decide to try to collect [os US$ 222 mil] I’m going bankrupt, since I have no other option “, he lamented.

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