‘Just Dance 2021’ review: new songs, little news

‘Just Dance’ has always been a very popular game, mainly because it provides fun for the whole family through varied music and creative choreography.

However, over the years, game producers have changed the formula for the franchise, creating easier dances to try to attract more audiences. This strategy, coupled with a playlist of hits at the time, had everything to work. But not the case, at least with ‘Just Dance 2021’.

The game, which is the eleventh in the main franchise, is thrilling to feature hit songs such as “Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, “Say So” by Doja Cat and “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. However, this does not seem to be enough to support a game that maintains, for example, the same menu style for three consecutive editions, that is, since the 2019 edition.

In addition, the lack of game modes can compromise the experience, making the title become tiresome when playing all the alternative songs and versions.

Game modes


In the current game, Ubisofttrouched only three game modes – four, if we count on World Dance Floor, the online multiplayer. There is the return of ‘Kids Mode’, where the little ones have access to some lively music, with fun choreographies and colorful and flashy backgrounds.

Next on the menu is ‘Just Dance’ mode. Here we have the classic modality in which about 40 songs are available and can be damaged by everyone. However, in order for all of them to be unlocked – that is, speaking of alternative choreographies for some songs – it is necessary to fulfill some tasks, such as reaching a defined score in normal dance or playing it more than once.

Finally, there is ‘Quick Play’, a mode in which, when selected, puts the player directly in the stage of preparing for random music. This ensures that the player does not waste time choosing a track from the menu, just dance.

They are all simple ways, but they fulfill their diverse role. Still, it would be nice to have back, for example, the ‘Battle Mode’ of ‘Just dance 4’ or even the ‘World Video Challenge’ of ‘Just Dance 2017’.

List of songs and choreographies

As always, the list of songs is quite varied and has pop hits from the past few months. However, the team responsible for the game knows that hits are not the only ones responsible for sustaining the game. For this reason, they also bet on unknown tracks and of different nationalities. that the game really shines.

The choreographies in these cases are the most creative and fun, with interesting and diverse scenarios. mainly here that is the diverse factor. As an example, we can mention the song “Kick It” by NCT ​​127.

The choreographies also present different levels of difficulty, as is common in the franchise. There are always the easiest ones – which are usually hits – going to the most difficult ones. In some cases, the tracks get an extreme verse, in which the challenge is quite high – and very fun. Check out the full list.

Just Dance Unlimited

The service, which came out with the launch of ‘Just Dance 2017’, offers more than 600 songs to players. With a monthly subscription, users can play tracks from previous games. It is worth remembering that all copies of the games since their implementation offer a month of free tasting.


This, together with the new songs that are released periodically, increases the game’s useful life, mainly because it is not necessary to switch games to play that music from a previous version. Obviously, there are still some tracks that have not been added to the service, but Ubisofts always puts new features there.


‘Just Dance’ is the king of family parties and this should continue for a few years. With a varied playlist and fun additions, the new game has everything to satisfy fans or casual players. However, the lack of modes can be an obstacle to the acquisition of the game, at least for now, since there was a price increase compared to previous editions.

Even so, the title guarantees hours of fun and can help you lose a few pounds and burn calories – especially after the holidays. The game was released on November 12 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo SwitcheGoogle Stadia.

To carry out this analysis, Ubisoft sent Olhar Digital a copy of the game for Xbox.

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