Internet parody has ’90s’ advertising face

The electronic music duo Neosignal created a video clip that parodies the internet, as if it were an ad for toys from the 90s.

The browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer have been transformed into robots, and we can also visit the “city” of Facebook.

The video was produced by a Montreal, Canada collective, Dent de Cuir. The toys took two months to build for the Planet Online music video.

“The idea is to look at how the current generation interacts with the internet and is faced with a range of content that grows every day. We used this aesthetics of advertising in the early 90s using toys as media, ”explains Jean-Phillip, from Dent de Cuir, on the Neosignal website.

Other platforms and sites like Instagram, 4 Chan, YouTube, Twitter and YouPorn are also part of the video, in addition to Wikileaks, Anonymous and Megaupload.

Internet Music Video

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