Internet is second only to TV in advertising

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the main body of the Brazilian interactive digital segment, presented this Tuesday, 26, the results and growth projections for the advertising market in 2013.

According to Rafael Davini, president of the organization, internet advertising surpassed newspapers and reached 32% growth, compared to the same period last year. The web has become the second largest advertising medium behind only TV.

The major Brazilian internet advertisers moved R $ 4.57 billion in 2012 and the forecast is that investment in the sector will grow the same 32% in 2013 (number that considers display, social media, search engines and classifieds), reaching R $ 6 billion .

The numbers only consider the online advertising market and do not include mobile advertising and ad networks – networks that connect several websites and make the inventory available for marketing advertising to agencies and advertisers.

Applications in displays and social media are expected to grow 21% this year, representing R $ 2.2 billion of the amount. Investments in search engines and social media are expected to grow 39%, reaching R $ 3.8 billion.


Davini recalled that the only medium that suffered deflation in the last year was the internet. The values ​​of advertisements practiced fell despite the growth in the sector.

“The offer has grown and the buyer market has pushed prices down. Our biggest challenge now is to show that this is the fastest growing and most effective medium, therefore, it deserves to be monetized correctly,” commented the IAB president.

The executive also said that all other media, including newspapers, which had a drop in audience, enjoyed the inflation in the value of advertisements, except the web.

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