‘Internet father’ imagines online communication between animals

The internet is too good to be restricted to humans only. At least so does computer scientist Vint Cerf, recognized as one of the fathers of the web. He envisions a future in which this resource can be extended to animals, enabling a form of inter-species communication.

In a lecture by TEDna California, according to the VentureBeat, Cerf said that studies in this area are already evolving, however surreal the idea may seem.

“All sentient beings can be interconnected. We are beginning to explore what it means to communicate with something that is not someone else,” he said during the conference.

In fact, studies in this direction are already beginning to emerge. In 2012, The Interspecies Internet was founded with the support of singer Peter Gabriel. The project was “created to explore, encourage and facilitate communication between cognitive species”.

“Many of the phenomena of the Internet, such as universal communication, access to information and social networks, will have similars in the Internet Interspecies”, describes Peter Gabriel. He points out that, although it is mainly used for communication between people of the same species, a special emphasis should be placed on communications between different species, including humanity.

As VentureBeat notes, this reality is still a long way off paper, but it doesn’t seem that crazy, since scientists are already close to decoding the language of the dolphins, while orangutans are already using iPads for communication (although quite primitive ) with its keepers, as shown in the video below:

Internet communication

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