In Brazil, politicians are the most complaining about Google content

Between July and December 2012, Google received 697 content removal orders in Brazil, taking into account all platforms under the company’s umbrella. It is equivalent to 3.5 orders per day and shows an increase of 265% over the previous six months.

According to the Transparency Report released today, about half of the orders (316 of them) were based on the Brazilian Electoral Code for allegedly containing “dignity or decorum offense” of candidates for political office.

These actions were issued on an injunction basis, when the analysis was not concluded and the decision was not final. According to Susan Infantino, Google’s legal director, only in 35 cases has the company been forced to give up.

“In the others, the debate continues, since the relevant debate is at stake whether or not users have the right to express themselves and express their ideas during the electoral period, or whether we will continue to equate all forms of expression on the internet. ‘negative electioneering’, “says Susan.

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