Iceland plans to ban pornography online

The islands government is studying a project that aims to end digital pornography in the country. If the measure is implemented, it would be the first non-democratic country in the western world to lower a ban of this level on the internet.

The project aims to curb what the government considers a harmful effect on children and women. The ban would aim to prevent children from being influenced by the increasingly violent content available on the network, as well as curb the growth of sexual assault in the country. , which has been linked to pornography.

“We need to discuss a blockade against violent pornography, which, as we all agree, has damaging effects on young people and offers a clear link to the incidence of violent crime,” said Ogmundur Jonasson, Iceland’s minister of internal affairs, in an interview with Daily Mail.

To put the measure in action, the country must block access to pornographic website addresses, as well as make it illegal to use Icelandic credit cards to access paid sites.

“The measure is not against sex, but against violence. Young people are viewing pornography and acting as such. This is our limit. This material is blurring the boundaries between what is right and wrong for young people,” explained Jonasson.

The country already has a law against the printing and distribution of pornography in effect, but the legislation does not yet cover the internet. The law is expected to enter into force later this year, even with Iceland’s elections taking place in April, which could delay discussions.

Iceland has also banned strip clubs from its territory, claiming that they violate the civil rights of women who work there.

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