Hulu attracts 2 million subscribers in one year

From one year to the next, 2 million people agreed to pay the $ 8 monthly fee to access Hulu content without having to face advertising.

The website announced on Tuesday, 30, that it had reached the mark of 4 million users, thus doubling the amount it had in 2011.

There is more encouraging data for service owners, as interim CEO Andy Forssell reported, like the number of devices they currently work on. “When we started, Hulu was only available on computers; we are now on 350 million connected devices,” he said.

At the beginning of the year, Jason Kilar, then CEO, declared that the company’s revenue in 2012 should be close to US $ 700 million, which did not materialize. Today’s release revealed that it was actually $ 650 million.

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