Headphone creates music list according to mood

The Japanese organization Neurowear created a headset that plays music according to the person’s mood.

According to the website Mashable, the device, called Mico, has a protruding electroencephalogram (EEG) that checks brain patterns to create the ideal list for the moment.

The device works connected to an iPhone app, which detects the user’s state of mind. It also displays icons of the style of the songs played.

Although Mico is very innovative, some people questioned the purpose of the equipment. After all, we don’t always want to hear songs that match the mood, but that change the mood. In a moment of depression, for example, there are those who want to listen to happier music.

Mico is still a prototype and will be on the market later this year, said the product’s creator.

See the phone in action in the video below.

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