Graph Search: Facebook’s gold mine

Facebook’s new social search service was announced on Tuesday and has already become a target for analysis. The resource was called Google, Foursquare and LinkedIn for offering access to all types of information, obtained by crossing the data of its users.

The novelty seems like a gift to Internet users (and it was announced in this way), but Facebook will be the big favorite of the story. Graph Search will bring endless possibilities for social networking businesses.

According to Rodrigo Longo Canhissare, professor of MBA courses at FIAP, marketing / advertising agencies can partner with Facebook to develop market studies and strategies for promoting products / services. Companies offer percentages to the site in exchange for more elaborate search features. The advantage is that within the social network the data is constantly updated by the target audience, while the common databases depend on third parties.

The network is also able to offer sponsored links to companies that have Fan Pages on the site, in addition to priority in search results. In a survey of “photographs taken at Ibirapuera Park”, for example, images from a Nike fashion shoot may appear.

Facebook is still able to sell premium profiles to users who want more resources on its pages, something similar to what LinkedIn does. Through internal messages, a person interested in working at a certain company has the opportunity to send the CV to the CEO, even if the executive profile is private. Facebook is no different. A user with access to several search filters can find extra elements on the network.

Graph Search also brings opportunities for other companies to profit. Agencies and institutions can offer courses to teach professionals how to extract more information from the tool. “The search system has a lot of potential. However, I need to know how far it goes. There are still doubts about the depth, extraction and curation of the content”, he comments. .

Privacy: To have or not to have?

With the arrival of Graph Search, the theme of privacy became more recurrent. Canhissare says, however, that nothing changes.

The signed term of use gives Facebook the right to share information from its users. And the blocked profile is still prevented from being accessed, therefore, it will not be indexed in the search results.

The professor recalls, however, that the restriction in the profile also prevents the user from obtaining facilities on the network. A promotion or recruiter will not reach the hidden profile.

“It reminds me of that Orkut feature, which allowed people to know who entered your page. To have this mechanism, you had to accept that your visits would also be exposed. Give to receive”, he says.

The conclusion is that from now on Facebook can be used for other purposes and it is up to the user to decide whether to enter this wave of opportunities and risks, or take refuge. It won’t be an easy decision.

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