Government can create ‘soap opera’ to popularize digital TV

Since it wants to speed up the adoption of 4G telephony and, for that, to have to end analogue TV once and for all, the government is preparing a measure that will help to popularize the digital signal, what has been called the “soap opera”.

In an interview Folha de S.Paulo, Minister of Communications, Paulo Bernardo, explained that the project – authored by the portfolio – intends to donate digital converters to the families served by the Bolsa Famlia program.

The idea is discussed because the government is preparing the auction for the 700 MHz frequency band, currently occupied by analgia TV, and assigning it to operators to implement 4G. With that, only the digital TV signal would be left, which demands a television adapted to a converter.

Bernardo said that the Ministry is already carrying out financial impact studies to later send the proposal to President Dilma Rousseff. The “novel grant” grants tax benefits and subsidies, in addition to facilitating credit for those who purchase TVs and digital converters. To help the low-income population, the government can pay for part or all of the equipment.

Digital televisions start at R $ 300, while converters cost R $ 100 – of which R $ 25 are state and federal taxes. Another measure under study by the government relieves converters.

All measures, however, would only be valid from 2015, and the auction is scheduled for 2014. In other words, by then, many people should go without watching television.

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