Google should exclude plagiarized content, Brazilian court decides

A new decision by the Supreme Court of Justice places Google as directly responsible for the content it displays, in order to be obliged to remove a video from the air, for example, when its author asks, without the need for judicial intervention.

If you breach the order, Google could be considered a co-author of the damage caused to the creator of the content, according to Folha de S. Paulo.

The process started with Sette Informaes Educacionais Ltda., Which identified its material being offered on blogs hosted by Google. The company was notified, but the texts were only deleted after a court summons.

However, Google would not be responsible for a “censorship” prior to the content posted by users. The company was released from carrying out an inspection of the activity, and would only need to veto it when notified by the author.

Google has already appealed the decision.

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