Google negotiates creation of online ‘radio’

Google is negotiating with major labels to launch a music streaming service that will compete directly with products like Spotify and Deezer, and indirectly target companies like Amazon and Apple.

According to the Financial Times, which reports on the matter, the initiative is part of the company’s effort to make money from something other than advertising, since 95% of Google’s revenue comes from that.

In November 2011, the search giant launched a music download store in the United States that was later taken to five more European countries. Which already provides the basis for the new product.

It is expected that the operation will be similar to that of services on the market, with two main types of subscription: one paid, however, free of advertisements and the other free, but with advertisements.

There is no information on when the novelty will be put into operation, but its creation would be a game changer regarding Google’s relationship with companies that create content. Record companies often see search engines as a direct gateway to piracy.

Google Music online radio

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