Google launches website with Oscar predictions

Google launched on Friday, 22, a website with predictions of the Oscar winners 2013. Based on the volume of searches made by users, the company was able to list the possible films that should be billed for the figurine.

The released ranking indicates that “Argo” will be the Oscar winner this year. The list of most wanted films still includes “Os Miserveis” in second place; “Lincoln” in the third; “Django Livre” in the fourth and “As Aventura de Pi” in the fifth position.

The award for best actor, according to the website, will be with Hugh Jackman, for the movie “The Miserables”, and Jennifer Lawrence will receive the statuette of best actress for “The bright side of life”. The Oscar for best director to stay with Steven Spielberg for the movie “Lincoln”, according to Google.

“Every day, billions of searches are done on Google. With this immense number of requests, it is possible to find priests capable of helping to identify a flu epidemic or trying to predict the Oscar 2013 winners,” said the company.

It is important to remember that the awards are chosen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Los Angeles (United States), and not by the public.

Click on here to access the website and see the forecasts.

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