GM may return to advertise on Facebook

Eight months after giving up advertising on Facebook, General Motors plans to return to the largest social network in the world. The automaker’s interim marketing chief, Alan Batey, said the two companies are discussing the case.

According to the Reuters, Batey commented on the matter during the Auto Show – where Volkswagen presented a car that already leaves the factory with iPad mini (see). But he did not give details on where the negotiations are.

“We are still actively talking to them and watching for opportunities that present themselves to us,” he said. “I wouldn’t say there is a ‘Mexican stalemate’ here. We just didn’t see the value” in the ads.

When GM announced that it would no longer pay to use Facebook as an advertising platform, it took a heavy hit on Mark Zuckerberg’s team, all the more so because the automaker did it three days before the site’s initial public offering (IPO).

Until then, the company had spent US $ 40 million to stay “hot” on the social network, with only R $ 10 million going directly to Facebook – the rest was for content creation and stayed with advertising and media agencies.

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