Globo bans Facebook links

Since the beginning of this week, all the vehicles of the Globo Organizations are prevented from posting links on Facebook. The new guideline was communicated in an email sent to all employees.

Internet users who follow G1 or the various magazines of Editora Globo are now required to access the respective websites to read the texts announced on the timeline. The pages follow the air for institutional purposes only.

See print taken from the poca magazine page:

Globo Organizations did not justify themselves publicly. It is speculated that the decision was made because Facebook “steals” the audience from its online platforms. According to the website M&M, a study by the group found that Internet users have used the social network as an RSS news reader and end up not visiting the pages to consume the content in full.


The withdrawal of the links displeased the public, who expressed indignation in several ways. This Wednesday, Michel Prado wrote the following on the page of the magazine poca: “Social Media, I am a solidarity with you. When the boss realizes the idiocy he has committed and allows the publication of the links again, we will celebrate together”. Reader Pedro Henrique was more emphatic: “No one will leave Facebook, you goons.”

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