France studies applying ‘cultural tax’ to technological products

In July, the president of France, Franois Hollande, decide whether companies that produce technological inputs should be burdened to support the country’s culture.

The decision, if positive, will directly reach companies like Apple and Google, responsible for products such as iPads, iPhones and Android – which equips tablets and smartphones.

French logic is that people are spending more money on hardware than on content, as reported by Reuters. That is why companies behind this should help with the cultural cost of the country as a form of compensation.

“Companies that manufacture these tablets must, in a lesser way, be willing to contribute part of the revenue from their sales to help creators,” commented Culture Minister Aurlie Filippetti.

The proposal is mirrored in similar rates already applied to viewers, TV and radio networks and internet providers to finance art, cinema and music in general, in France.

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