Fox moves action against device that allows you to record TV shows on tablets

Fox Broadcasting has filed a lawsuit against Dish Network, the company that owns the Hopper DVR device. Used as a pay TV transmitter in the United States, the equipment can retransmit programs to devices such as tablets and smartphones, a fact that motivated Fox’s action.

Another feature that contradicts the company’s executives allows it to hide advertisements for exhibitions recorded by Hopper. This was behind the first action brought by Fox against Disher.

The claim for the new process resides in the retransmission limit given to the TV operator. “Fox has guaranteed Dish the right to relay Fox’s signal via satellite and Dish guarantees its subscribers the right to watch programs in their homes,” said the American media conglomerate.

Fox’s position conflicts with the possibility of watching TV programs relayed by Hopper anywhere through a tablet, for example. Once recorded on the device, their display is independent of any connection, just as they do not require viewing advertisements.

Dish responded by saying that Americans should decide how to watch their TV shows. “We believe that consumers have the right to watch TV programs anywhere and anytime,” said the company. A legal committee will evaluate the case on March 22.

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