Find out what life is like for those who study and work in the field of game creation

Anyone who thinks that video games are a kid’s mistake. A recent study by the Newzoo Institute indicates that the global electronic gaming industry closed 2017 with more than 110 billion dollars. As a comparison, the film industry made “just” 40 billion dollars at the box office last year. The gaming market has grown more and more and, to sustain this growth, job vacancies in the area are also expected to increase.

Many people of all ages are willing to work with games. But do you know how this market here in Brazil? We went to this stadium in Vila Madalena, in the west of So Paulo, to check out closely the day-to-day life of people who work with video games.

Stiven director of Flux, a Brazilian game developer who became famous last year with the fighting game “Guts”. But it’s not just the copyright games they make. They also produce games to order, for human resources companies, advertising and other types of customers. Therefore, the demand for professionals may change depending on the project the stadium is currently working on.

The game design course is one of the degrees offered at this university in So Paulo. And if you think that the course is only for playing video games all day, you are very wrong. The idea of ​​the course is that students can have a much broader view on games. And once you start looking at them in this new way, you can’t go back. Murilo and Bruna, for example, are in the last year of the course, and they told us that learning goes far beyond electronic games.

Bruna and Murilo should graduate by the end of 2018, but the idea is that they go straight to a huge producer like Nintendo, Konami or Ubisoft. According to the course coordinator, Delmar Domingues, the entire graduation program prepares students for the independent games market, which are more common in Brazil, and serve as a kind of “gateway” to these larger stadiums.

And if you’ve ever spent money on some cell phone game like Candy Crush, you know that even the simplest games can make a fortune if done right. The avalanche of simple, free games that have emerged since smartphones became more popular has changed the way games are thought of. And the game courses needed to change together, including business knowledge, marketing and more.

Study very important, as in any area, and take advantage of the opportunities that the market also offers. But for those already working in the middle, it takes a lot of extra effort. Having the diploma is important, but it is not the key that will open all doors. Dedication and curiosity are the ideal ingredients to enter everything in this market that delights young Brazilians. So take note of that tip.

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