Failure in Brazilian social network changes usernames to ‘Facebook’

Vulnerability found inMirtesnet, a Brazilian social network inspired by the creation of Mark Zuckerberg, made all users of the site have their first name changed to the word ‘Facebook’.

Reader Valdecir Jnior alerted the problem toDigital Lookand sent an image showing the user with the new name (see image below).

The bug was confirmed by the platform’s creator, advertiser Carlos Henrique do Nascimento. “I contacted the company that hosts the website and they are trying to find out the problem. I don’t know what happens, people are trying to sabotage me,” said Nascimento.


About the network

Recently theMirtesnet caught the attention of internet users by promoting itself as the first genuinely Brazilian social network, although it copies the Facebook interface. Currently, the site has about 1.1 million registered members, according to its creator, however, there is no concrete information on the number of active users of the network.

On a quick tour of the site, in early April, theDigital Lookhe identified dozens of photos of naked and half-naked women, as well as texts with vulgar content. (see the article here). Nascimento reports that the fight against pornography has intensified in recent months.

According to the advertiser, Mirtesnet is financed by 12 advertisers who pay, on average, R $ 2 thousand for advertising, and there is also a waiting list with another 300 advertisers. The cost of hiring a server to support the demand for accesses of R $ 8 thousand, and membership with the network still includes a programmer’s salary.

Update 10am on Monday, 20.

The founder of the network reported that the fault was resolved at 9 pm on Friday, 18. However, he did not say what was the problem that caused the change of user names.

“We are working to further improve the system and prevent this type of situation from occurring,” he said.

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