Facebook’s new timeline should further enhance advertising

If you are already bothered by advertising on your Facebook timeline, you may not like the changes that are coming on the social network. Everything indicates that the new version of the site, scheduled to be shown at an event on March 7, will further enhance the advertising space of Mark Zuckerberg’s page.

O Business Insider raised a series of indications about this possible practice of the ‘new’ Facebook. The website analyzes the CEO’s comments during a conference with Wall Street analysts on January 30.

At the event, Zuckerberg mentioned that the ads on the social network were doing well, but that Facebook “is capable of doing more with different types of media”. Shortly afterwards he specified what these new media would be: “bigger photos, rich media (with interactivity) and video”.

Video ads are an important step for the social network, as advertisers are willing to pay much more than text messages or just still images.

According to Zuckerberg, however, there is currently no video advertising on Facebook for “a matter of product design principles”. The social network wants the organic content to have the same format as the paid content.

Business Insider points out that, due to this logic, Facebook does not want advertising videos as long as its users are not used to watching videos on its timeline, be shared by their friends or be sent by content producers.

Finally, the website summarizes the probable actions of the social network going forward:

  • Advertisers want to display ads with “rich media”, “bigger photos” and “videos”
  • Facebook will allow them to do that, eventually
  • First, Facebook will create ways for users to view larger images organically and videos of their friends and potential partners

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