Facebook will have to give users money because of its advertising

Some Facebook users are receiving e-mails similar to those classic spam that guarantees non-viable things – in this case, that Facebook owes them money. But, to the surprise of those who deleted the message, it is real.

Last month, to end a lawsuit over the Sponsored Stories, the social network made an offer of $ 20 million and the US federal court that followed the case accepted. So whoever is entitled to a part of the money has already been or will be notified by the address [email protected]

According to BuzzFeed, only US users who were improperly linked to the advertising model before December 3, 2012 can receive something from the site. The lawsuit said that the site has no right to use members’ likes to advertise; Of course, Facebook disagreed, but decided to give the $ 20 million to close the case.

But there is a question that may make the whole thing unfeasible. By predicting that if the demand is too high, to the point of making the payment financially unfeasible, the money will be sent to a non-profit institution indicated on the website fraleyfacebooksettlement.com.

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