Facebook may charge not to display advertising

Do the advertisements on Facebook bother you? Know that the social network may have a version in which you pay to get rid of them.

what indicates a patent registered by the company in the middle of 2011 and published at the end of January 2013. With the title “Personalization paid in profile”, the document suggests that the user can pay to replace advertising with certain elements.

The user could spend a sum of money to customize the way that the objects are displayed on his page.

The text lists Mark Zuckerberg and another series of directors as creators of the resource.

Users could, for example, exchange advertising in the right column for pictures they choose.

It is worth remembering, of course, that the existence of a patent does not mean that it will be adopted. More and more Facebook has been pressured by its shareholders to value advertising and make it more attractive to users. Such a measure could go against those expectations.

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