Facebook customizes advertising to threaten Google

In 2013, advertising on Facebook will become increasingly personalized and multiplatform, according to a study released by the North American agency Spur Media. The attributes of the network pose a greater threat to Google and its advertising services, such as Google Ads.

Spur Media’s projections are based on Facebook visit data and features like the recent Graph Search. Turning around the database of each user, this system favors advertisements and targeted actions, as well as the return on investment.

Another asset for the year of the social network, according to the agency, is its ability to carry the same profile on various devices. Keeping the user connected, Facebook does not rely on information stored on the computer to direct its campaigns, unlike Google.

The survey also points to the growth of advertisements based on the social network but displayed outside its pages. The system is possible thanks to Facebook applications that connect users to other sites, such as the “Like” button.

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