Eric Schmidt believes that anonymity on the internet will end

Eric Schmidt, Google advisor, is going to release a book with his expectations about the internet. Named “The New Digital Age”, the work was co-written with Jared Cohen, also an executive at the company.

O The Wall Street Journal he has already put his hands on the book and highlights some interesting points. According to the newspaper, the authors argue, for example, that anonymity on the internet has its days numbered.

“Some governments will consider it very risky to have thousands of anonymous, irritable and unverified citizens; they will want to know the association of each online account and will demand verification at the state level, in function of exercising control over the virtual world ”, they write.

Much of the criticism in the book is directed at China and how it deals with internet censorship. The authors say that the country is the most active and enthusiastic information censor, in addition to being one of the most sophisticated in the activity of hacking foreign companies. According to them, China and its companies have economic and political advantages thanks to their willingness to work with cybercrime.

They also argue that, over time, large companies like China’s Huawei and Cisco will increasingly align their interests with those of the Chinese government.

For Schmidt and Cohen, the US government and companies are at a disadvantage because they do not appeal to corporate espionage, as they “follow more rigorous and well-enforced laws”.

Even so, the US duo does not go unpunished in the book. There are criticisms of North American cases of cyber espionage, export of surveillance software and technologies to countries that disrespect human rights.

The authors still take risks on the future of journalism, saying that, as anyone can become a content producer, there will be a search for more reliable and quality information.

They also still say that we are already experiencing a state-controlled cyber war, even though the majority are unaware of it.

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