Egypt no longer wants to block YouTube for anti-Islam video

Egypt may give up blocking YouTube because of the video “Innocence of the Muslims” so as not to harm other Google services. At the beginning of the week, a court in the country ordered the site to be suspended for a month, but the measure would be harmful, according to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

“The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has filed an appeal to prevent the implementation of the verdict,” said the folder, in a statement echoed by Reuters.

Justice wanted YouTube down because the site hosted the movie trailer, which was considered anti-Islam and which was attributed to a series of Muslim riots last year. The problem is that by disabling the service, Google searches would be affected as well.

As Egypt is the second largest in use of Google in the Middle East, harming the search giant for a month would result in a loss of millions of Egyptian pounds. What could, and has already been done, block the video.

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