Disney closes LucasArts and cancels ‘Star Wars’ games

One of the most renowned stadiums in the world, LucasArts, producer of the “Star Wars” series games and other successes, was closed this Wednesday, 3, by Disney.

The end of activities ended the production of two games of the series in an advanced stage of development: “Star Wars 1313”, planned for PC and consoles, and the shooting game “Star Wars: First Assault”.

Disney justified the closure of the stadium as a maneuver in order to better position the brand in the sector. “We decided to change LucasArts from an internal game producer to a branded licensing model, minimizing the company’s risks while seeking a quality portfolio with the games based on ‘Star Wars’ “, says the statement, which talks about dismissing employees, but does not list the amount.

Disney’s LucasFilm acquisition took place in October last year for $ 4 billion. With the agreement, the LucasArts stadium started to operate under the umbrella of the entertainment giant. Despite the cancellation of the Star Wars games, the two films that continue the saga, scheduled for 2015, should be released without delay.

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