Consumer exchanges Galaxy for Lumia in Microsoft commercial

Since last year, Microsoft has been running an internet campaign to try to prove that Windows Phone devices are better than competitors. Now, the company takes action to the TV, and the first “victim” is Samsung’s Galaxy S3.

In the commercial, Ben Rudolph, from the company, stops a couple at an amusement park and asks which phone number they have. The woman, Brittany, shows her S3 and challenged: Rudolph would take a picture of the couple using her smartphones and his, a Nokia Lumia 920; if Brittany’s result was better, he would give her $ 100.

The capture made with Lumia, obviously, comes out better, drawing praise from the participant. “as if it were a professional camera”, she declares, before giving the final blow to Samsung: “I am Brittany, I am giving up my Galaxy S3 and this my Windows Phone” – showing the Lumia.

The video will be shown during the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments in the United States, and Microsoft has warned that it will not be the only one to be shown on TV.

Check out the production below and answer: would you make the same exchange?

Microsoft Nokia Advertising Samsung Lumia galaxy S III

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