Collaborative film discusses public policies for the internet

Internet access, net neutrality, freedom of expression and privacy. These are some points touched by the documentary “Freenet?”, Announced this Tuesday, 29th, at Campus Party, in So Paulo.

“We want to translate these issues into audiovisual language,” says Juliana Varon, the project’s coordinator. Although she takes the title, she is part of the group that intends to make the film in a horizontal and collaborative way.

The documentary page is intended to be the platform for this process. On the website, people can talk, exchange information and send videos on the topics. “The idea that the images be used in the final cut,” says Varon.

Workshops held in Brazil and in other countries will also collect various views on the agenda. According to the film’s coordinator, the first event took place this month in Piau. The next ones are in Kenya and India.

Workshops in Latin America depend on future partnerships, says Varon. “We want to give our perspective to the problem,” she says. The new look must be different from the panorama of developed countries, such as the United States.

The importance of this prism comes in the wake of global and national discussions, points out also a researcher from Fundao Getlio Vargas. For her, the discussion about the civil framework on the internet in Brazil brings attention from all over the world to the country.

Happening in parallel to debates like this, “Freenet?” it is scheduled to launch in 2014. Organizations such as Nupef (Research, Studies and Training Center), the communication group Intervozes and IDEC (Institute for Consumer Protection) are also in the project.

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