Brazilian uses cell phone internet when he is unoccupied

Along with the growth in the use of devices such as smartphones, the time spent on mobile internet also grows. With this in mind, Ibope began to promote periodic analyzes on the sector to deliver data to anyone who wants to invest in this market.

The results of the first report Mobile Report, released today, show that the Brazilian spends more time on the mobile internet while doing nothing – or “on hold”, as defined by Ibobe: in traffic, in queues, etc. 60% of the time with the device spent that way.

The second preferred time before bed (45%), followed by the moment of awakening (29%), while watching TV (23%) and … when in the bathroom (18%).

Social networks and communicators are the category most accessed by Internet users, with 78.8% preference. Then email (75.9%), news (57.9%), music (47.4%) and entertainment (43.8%) appear.

According to Ibope, 13% of respondents have already made a purchase using mobile devices, with the majority of them (36%) spending more than R $ 300. Among smartphone users, applications are the champion of purchase, with a rate of 37%, and the device is also used for price comparison by 53%.

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