Brazilian spends 1h24min a day on smartphone, says Ibope

Instituto Conecta, linked to Ibope, joined the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) to study the relationships of people with mobile platforms. Among the main discoveries, is that the Brazilian spends, on average, 84 minutes a day touching his smartphone. The number exceeds the global average in 10 minutes.

According to the study, the daily time spent by Brazilians with cell phones without an internet connection is 59 minutes, compared to 79 minutes with tablets and 63 minutes with e-readers. Worldwide, the averages are 42 minutes, 71 minutes and 54 minutes, respectively.

The survey identified that the penetration of smartphones in the Brazilian market doubled in the last year and reached 18%, but it is still well below the global average of 48%. The Ministry of Communications estimates that there are 65 million smart phones in operation, a number that is expected to increase due to the reduction in PIS and Confins approved this month by the government.

Tablets and e-readers appear with insignificant penetrations among those who access the internet, according to the study. The two devices increased, respectively, from 1% to 5% and from 1% to 6% between 2011 and 2102.

The survey was carried out with 1,000 internet users over 16 years of age from all over the country, through the CONECTA panel, between November 21 and December 7. Worldwide, it was carried out in 54 countries, totaling 54,121 interviews.

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