BitTorrent encourages writers to hack their own books

BitTorrent intends to broker writers who want to gain notoriety through the file sharing platform. To this end, the company launched today a kind of guide, with publishing tips and marketing strategies, as reported by the TechCrunch.

The basis for this incentive was the successful example of Tim Ferriss, who last year appealed to BitTorrent after Barnes & Noble refused to stock his book, “Four-Hour Chef”, published by Amazon.

The choice was so successful that 250 thousand copies were sold among the approximately 2 thousand promotional content packages – book chapters and supplementary materials – downloaded by the software.

BitTorrent does not want to become a book publisher or distributor, the company wants writers to “hack their publications”, selling them as if they were startups.

Among the tips is to think of the chapters of the book as if they were tracks on an album, so they could be sold separately. “This ‘book as an album’ strategy by authors like Ferriss is a significant advantage,” says the company.

This is not the first time that BitTorrent has taken an initiative like this, in an attempt to establish itself as a platform for the dissemination of legitimate content. Also in 2012, the company entered into a pioneering partnership with DJ Shadow: when buying music from him, the person could purchase a package called BitTorrent that entitled to a series of extra materials.

Access the guide on here.

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